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Probus Clubs worldwide work to provide regular gatherings to those retired or semi-retired business or professional men who, in retirement, appreciate and value opportunities to meet others in similar circumstances and of a similar level of interest,

In some places Rotary Clubs sponsor Probus Clubs, but many clubs are stand-alone entities.

Each Probus Club is autonomous. A system is organized through Probus Centre so that the clubs themselves, through regional representatives on a national board, agree to minimal measure of conformity through e.g. a standard constitution and recommended by-laws, to preserve the integrity and reputation of these clubs.

The club endeavours to be simple in structure, be free of the constraints and obligations of service clubs, involve members in a minimal cost. The club is directed primarily to providing fellowship between members who are compatible with each other, and the opportunity for development of acquaintance. Most Probus Clubs are restricted to men, but some clubs have since the introduction of the Equality Act 2010 in the UK started to become mixed. It is normal for the spouses of club members and widows of former members, to be encouraged to participate in the social activities.

Dunbar Probus Club celebrates 40 years in existence in 2014 and will be marking this event with a celebratory lunch on the 11th March at the Dunbar Castle Social Club where they hold their regular twice-monthly meetings. The club is treating the event as a ladies’ day and welcomes wives and partners of members. The catering for this special day will be provided by Rhona Bell from the Dunbar 1650 Coffee Shop

Photographs from 1974 will be on display.

Club secretary Mr. Michael ODonnell can be contacted on T:01368 862 564 (michaelkimberlea@aol.com) and will always welcome new members. A full menu of speakers is published annually and members are well entertained by various topics.

Meeting are alternate Tues 10am-12 noon. Break from June to August inclusive.

Tea and coffee with biscuits are served to members, prior to the commencement of club business and the introduction of the speaker. The hall is opened at 9.30am and business commences at 10.30am.

Dunbar Castle Social Club has full wheelchair access.


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