250 YEAR ANNIVERSARY 1758 – 2008.

During the year of 2008 The Lodge of Dunbar Castle celebrated its 250th anniversary.

The opening of  the Dunbar lodge of Freemason in 1758 had been encouraged by members of similar lodges in Eyemouth and Haddington. The members from these local lodges petitioned the recently formed Grand Lodge of Scotland, head-quartered in Edinburgh, to establish a meeting place in Dunbar.

To celebrate and mark this occasion East Lothian Council Library, now The John Gray Centre, and Dunbar History Society held an exhibition in Dunbar Town House Museum.

The following canvases are those used by ELCL to depict the 250 years history. They show how times for the lodge have changed since its opening in 1758 and how life in the community has developed over the centuries.