The Weather

And the weather – what of it?  Has it been better, the same or worse over two centuries?  Only statistics could show. Yet this can be stated. A prolonged spell of bad weather was much more calamitous then than today. However, there is one common feature over years of our story, namely, that people often thought the weather should be bettet than it was and, in fact was getting worse- a sentiment not unknown today !

Here is a verse written of the year 1879 by Samuel Mucklebackit of East Linton:-

“Sin’ ere the Seeventy-an’-Yin,
The seasons hae been vexin’
Till, waur an’ waur, this Seeventy-Nine
Has grown past a’ perplexin’
What’s to be dune? This noddle mine,
Baith late an’ ear’ I’m axin,
But less the answer I divine
The mair my wuts I’m taxin’.”