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Golden Eagle Country Music Club

Golden Eagle Country Music Club

For some folks in Dunbar there’s only two kinds of music – Country and Western.

The Golden Eagle Country Music has been going for 25 years and meets on the second Friday of each month at 8.15pm in Dunbar Castle Social Club – finishing late. Each Club night features a live music artist.

                  All are Welcome.

A full menu of talented musicians has been lined-up to satisfy the club’s appetite. Many of the bands are sought-after in the region, and the club’s monthly event is a focal point for most of the Country Music followers across the Lothians.

Country & Western attracts a large group of follower across the nation and can be listened to on popular radio. You can hear some of the best BBC Radio Scotland’s  ‘Another Country’ with Ricky Ross; Radio 2’s ‘Bob Harris Country’ and the Iain Anderson show.

Country music on offer often consists of ballads and dance tunes with harmonies. The live bands play across the full range from popular classics to collector’s favourites.

Over the past five years this Country Music spot has been held in Dunbar Castle Social Club.  DCSC has a large 17 metres by 7 metres hardwood dance floor and excellent acoustics. Changing facilities are available along with a fully modernised kitchen. The bar is open during the event and the venue offers ample free parking.

An example of the bands who have provided  entertainment during the past few months include:  Carson City;  Nickels & Dimes and Chasing the Wind, Clay County.


And in the coming Months ….

Texas Express – Friday 11th July

Blaze – Friday 8th August

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